This is the serious end of bowls. Pennants is competition against other clubs conducted over the summer season.

Women’s pennants are played on Tuesday mornings. Their pennants competition consists of two or three rinks of 4 women on each rink.

There are two different Men’s pennant competitions which are held on Saturday and Tuesday afternoons.

Points are awarded for rink and overall wins. As you get more proficient this is a great competition to be in as it is a team game where you are representing your club.

There are two or three rinks (depending on the competition) of four players who compete as a team. Each winning rink scores a point and then all scores are added up for overall points.

Give it a go, as you will never know if you will enjoy it if you don´t participate. There are up to 4 divisions in a competition, where you can begin and then have the opportunity to progress to a higher level, if you wish.

It´s a great way to meet people from other clubs and improve your game.

Pennants Results

Bowls Western Australia – SouthWest League Results.

Club Champions – Men


Novice: Colin Bartlett
Veteran: Don Batt
Pairs: Steve Sampey and Don Batt
Triples: Evan Blechynden, Troy Wilkinson, and Darren Wilkinson


Novice: Greg Mason 
Veteran: Ian Lines 
Singles: Darren Wilkinson 
Pairs: Steve Sampey and Don Batt 
Triples: Shane Brayford, Gary Giblett and Brian Scott 
Fours: Steve Sampey, Werner Schmidt, Eddie Bocchetti and Ron Klanjscek  


Novice: B.Wallis 
Veteran: I.Lines 
Singles: D.Wilkinson 
Pairs: T.Wilkinson, D.Wilkinson 
Triples: D.Wilkinson, T.Wilkinson, and J.Wojtowicz 
Fours: E.Blechynden, J.George, T.Wilkinson, and D.Wilkinson 


Novice: K Wallace
Veteran: A Henning
Singles: S Sampey
Pairs: R Bowron and J Wjtowicz
Triples: J Wojtowicz, D Wilkinson and F Sievers
Fours: J Mortimore, A Henning, M Delfs and P Jackson


Novice: J Head
Veteran: R Klanjscek
Singles: S Sampey
Pairs: M Delfs and A Pawlowski
Triples: S Brayford, J Mellor and J George
Fours: L Blurton, B Truman, F Dranczuk and J Atherton

2013 – 2014

Novice: W Cream
Veteran: S Wallrodt
Singles: D Wilkinson
Pairs: A Sampey and S Sampey
Triples: S Sampey, A Sampey and B Sampey Jr.

2012 – 2013

Novice: J Cartledge
Veteran: D Munro
Singles: G Kern
Pairs: G Martinson and D Wilkinson
Triples: T Wilkinson, D Wilkinson and I Lines
Fours: J Mortimore, M Delfs, P Jackson and A Henning

2011 – 2012

Novice: J Cavanough
Veteran: P Lenane
Singles: R Bowron
Pairs: R Archer and G Giblett
Triples: A Schultz, T Wilkinson and D Wilkinson
Fours: D Kellond, G Martinson, A Lange and D Munro

2010 – 2011

Novice: S Bryant
Veteran: W Upton
Singles: D Batt
Pairs: M Wood and R Jenkins
Triples: A Schultz, T Wilkinson and D Wilkinson

2009 – 2010

Novice: J Walker
Veteran: R Smith
Singles: I Lines
Pairs: A Schulz and V Humble
Triples: M Campbell, E Blechynden and T Hawkes
Fours: W Fleay, G Martinson, A Lange and T Wilkinson

2008 – 2009

Novice: D Wilkinson
Veteran: D Batt
Singles: G Martinson
Pairs: M Wood and J Cameron
Triples: B Fleay, S Brayford and V Humble
Fours: W Fleay, G Martinson, A Lange and T Wilkinson

2007 – 2008

Novice: J Mortimore
Veteran: H Brown
Singles: M Wood
Pairs: G Martinson and P Sorfleet
Triples: M Wood, K Morrell and P Lenane
Fours: W Fleay, G Martinson, T Wilkinson and A Lange

2006 – 2007

Novice: S Brayford
Veteran: J Du Boulay
Singles: D Munro
Pairs: M Wood and J Cameron
Triples: R Archer, J Kellond and B Sampey
Fours: B Jenkins, D Batt, J Tonkes and R Smith

2005 – 2006

Novice: B Mickle
Veteran: W Upton
Singles: I Lines
Pairs: D Kellond and F Cavoli
Triples: R Archer, J Hastie and J Kennett
Fours: A White, W Upton, T Prestedge and P Lenane

2004 – 2005

Novice: J Kitt
Veteran: J Du Boulay
Singles: N Johnson
Pairs: R Archer and Brunton
Triples: D Kellond, J Kellond and P Lenane
Fours: M Wood, C Nelson, D Grose and W Bourke

2003 – 2004

Novice: G Kern
Veteran: W Brunton
Singles: R Bowron
Pairs: W Fleay and W Upton
Triples: R Bowron, S Hunter and J Kellond
Fours: R Bowron, S Hunter, J Kellond and D Hartell

2002 – 2003

Novice: L O’Brien
Veteran: D Munro
Singles: B Archer
Pairs: R Archer & W Brunton
Triples: D Munro, G Martinson and M Harris

2001 – 2002

Novice: B Sampey Jr.
Veteran: D Mnro
Singles: G Smith
Pairs: A Durrant and M Mills
Triples: P Evans, I Lines and T Barter
Fours: S Hunter, A Durrant, D Kellond and J Kellond

2000 – 2001

Novice: D Hartell
Veteran: R Fuhrer
Singles: W Upton
Pairs: W Upton and G Giles
Triples: C Nelson, D Grose and D Brown
Fours: W Upton, E Blechynden, G Giles and J Herring

1999 – 2000

Novice: P Kellond
Veteran: G Smith
Singles: A Durrant
Pairs: B Jones and P Thompson
Triples: W Upton, A Durrant and D Twigg
Fours: S Hunter, A Durrant, N Johnson and B Durrant

1998 – 1999

Novice: J Kellond
Veteran: B Clifton
Singles: W Upton
Pairs: W Upton and G Giles
Triples: W Upton, A Durrant and D Twigg
Fours: B Clifton, D Fleay, R Henderon and W Grahame

1997 – 1998

Club Champions – Women


Veteran: Ann Dunn 
Triples: Luella Jenkins, Dot de Boer, and Margaret Murphy


Novice: Penny Goodwin 
Veteran: Christine Cornford 
Singles: Anne Blechynden 
Pairs: Kath Gendall and Carole Sandison 
Triples: Luella Jenkins, Dot de Boer, and Julie George 
Fours: Luella Jenkins, Rhonda Christinger, Pam Grigg, and Margaret Murphy