Code of Conduct

Club Policies

Dumping and/or Dropping of Bowls

  1. Dumping and dropping of bowls damages our synthetic playing surfaces over time and every player has a responsibility to make sure this does not happen.
  2. All bowls must be delivered from below the knee but no higher than 300mm from the playing surface.
  3. The Match committee/umpires shall warn a player if (in their opinion) the delivery has the potential to cause damage to the surface.
  4. The Match committee/umpires shall have the final say as to whether or not the player is dumping.
  5. Up to three warnings may be issued to players.
  6. If you cannot correct the fault, you will be asked to leave the game thus penalising you team and your entry to future events may be refused.
  7. The Match committee and Club Coaches can offer advice on how to correct delivery faults, or on how to use a Bowling arm.

Bowling Etiquette

As in all other sports bowls has a code of etiquette designed to make the atmosphere of the game pleasant. It is really just good manners.

  • Don’t talk or move around while an opponent is delivering his bowl.
  • Do not applaud the bad or unfortunate result of an opponent’s bowl. If he knocks you up for shot do not clap him. Instead say “bad luck”.
  • Give a clap to an opponent’s good bowls even if it means you have lost the shot.
  • By all means have a chat to your opponent but your team still expects you to concentrate on the game.
  • Do not stray over your rink boundaries when crossing from end to end or following your bowl.
  • Unlike some other sports ‘sledging’ or criticising an opponent is severely frowned upon.

Other rules of etiquette are on the notice board in the club.