This is the serious end of bowls. Pennants is competition against other clubs conducted over the summer season.

Women’s pennants are played on Tuesday mornings. Their pennants competition consists of two or three rinks of 4 women on each rink.

There are two different Men’s pennant competitions which are held on Saturday and Tuesday afternoons.

Points are awarded for rink and overall wins. As you get more proficient this is a great competition to be in as it is a team game where you are representing your club.

There are two or three rinks (depending on the competition) of four players who compete as a team. Each winning rink scores a point and then all scores are added up for overall points.

Give it a go, as you will never know if you will enjoy it if you don´t participate. There are up to 4 divisions in a competition, where you can begin and then have the opportunity to progress to a higher level, if you wish.

It´s a great way to meet people from other clubs and improve your game.

Pennants Results

Bowls Western Australia – SouthWest League Results.